There is something fundamental about performance that is unrealised by 95% of people and organisations.

It's a game changer

and represents true leverage

...yet it remains invisible

Why Does It Matter?

Training isn't Changing Behaviour

source: Racing the Clock

69% of UK organisations unsatisfied with wellness metrics

source: HealthMiles Survey

Workplace stress on the increase

source: ONS

UK ranks 9th in Employee Engagement out of 12th largest economies

source: Kenexa

131 MILLION days lost due to sickness and absence

source: ONS

Disengaged staff costing organisations £33 billion

The Missing KPI

Holds All The Answers

It's the ultimate driver of success; The true north indicator of performance

It sheds light on why some excel whilst others struggle

It explains why performance is often inconsistent

It's changing (work) lives

It points to what sits at the heart of a person's ability to flourish