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Cover description: ‘This book will change how you think about what drives you to succeed. Groundbreaking new research reveals how your state of mind holds the key to your motivation, success and happiness.

Compelling evidence, combined with inspiring stories and insights will unlock a powerful new mindset that will instantly boost your performance and open your eyes to what it really takes to excel.’

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Endorsements for Instant Motivation

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    ‘Bring a spare mind because yours is about to be blown away!’

    Geoff Sewell,

    CEO Incognito Artists

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    ‘This is a thoughtful and deceptively powerful book that will change how you approach relationships, work situations and your own motivation. Understanding state of mind, bridges the gap between how we think life works and how it actually works and this is a revelation that could benefit millions.’

    Stuart Taylor,

    CEO, Kinetic Worldwide

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    ‘If you want to excel in business, feel happier while you do it, and be more confident, read this book. It’s principles are genuinely life-changing.’

    Sophie Hearsey,

    Editor, Bauer

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    ‘A thoroughly enjoyable and insightful book that produces a powerful and motivational realisation that we are capable of changing anything.’

    David Banfield,

    Group CEO, Methven

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    ‘I wish I’d read a book like this years ago when I was running my own business. It would have given me insight into why I dealt well with some situations and poorly with others.’

    Khalil Ibrahimi,

    Managing Director, Enreach

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    ‘This book delivers what it promises and so much more. Instant Motivation is clear, concise and easy to read. It offers you the potential to break out of thinking that limits you. It offers the opportunity to live a life of unlimited possibilities in your work life, personal life, in fact whatever life you choose to live.’

    Nicole Rothband,

    Specialist Paediatric Dietitian, NHS Trust

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    ” Using practical examples and case studies, the real power of this book goes well beyond motivation and lies in Chantal’s articulation of how thought works, which when embraced has the potential to have a fundamental impact on your life at work and home. A great read.”

    Tom Probert

    Head of Marketing, Dyno Services

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    ‘Read this book, grasp the insights and then spread the word.’

    Vicki Wusche

    Business Owner, Mentor & Author, Telegraph ‘Top 25 Most Influential People In Property 2013’

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    ‘Chantal has successfully brought together a world of great thinking with her own stunning insight, to produce a brilliantly presented and compelling read that delivers value on every page.’

    Jonathan Lines,

    Founder & CEO – The Tailwaggers

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