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I can honestly say that I love my work (most days). 

I get to spend time with talented leaders and people from all walks of life and industries. One day I might be supporting a team to transform how they attract and serve their clients. Another day, I might be with a CEO helping them get clarity so they can take their performance to the next level.

From sales and teamwork to innovation and resilient leadership –  whatever the challenge – I teach or share one fundamental thing. But that one thing impacts everything!


I’ve been in the world of work for 26 years. My first job was in an estate agents in central London. After a stint there, I got interested in business development and then in the late 80’s I was introduced to the dynamic world of media and advertising. 

At The Listener magazine (which doesn’t exist anymore), I cut my teeth in advertising sales. It was a work hard, play hard ethic. My boss took me for my first (and last) boozy business lunch at Bestie’s wine bar. It ended with me falling out of a rickety chair, collapsing in a heap on the ground, in what can only be described as a very undignified pose. As a kind soul pulled me up to my feet, I realised with delight and horror that it was George Best. This was of course his bar. 

In 1989, my enjoyment and affinity with business development led to a great opportunity to work with my favourite magazines at that time; Mizz and 19.  From there, I had a succession of great roles in fantastic media companies.  I met wonderful people, many of whom are still close friends to this day. I gained a ton of experience in sales, relationship building, research, team leadership and business strategy.  

Throughout my career, the one thing that always fascinated me was psychology and the potential of the mind. So in 1999, after 13 great years, I decided to start my own business transformation company and ‘Star Consultancy’ was born.  I did what I knew best – helping others to find their brilliance and shine like the diamonds they are. In 2015 my bestselling book Instant Motivation was published by Pearson. It was a total labour of love and I am thrilled that it’s been so well received and so helpful for people. Then in 2016  I launched the Conscious Leadership School and our mission is to change the world one leader at a time by showing people how the mind works in order to experience and uncover natural resilience, clarity and peace of mind.

In terms of the ‘personal stuff’ I love to sing.  You can sometimes find me at a local open mic night. I love all things nature and enjoy the simple things in life…..walks in the park, staring at clouds, laughing with friends and family, live gigs….learning something new. People who know me well might describe me as playful. We get one life (in this form at least) and we waste far too much time sweating the small stuff. And as the brilliant author Richard Carlson said, most of it is small stuff. 

The video above is a selection of Conscious Leadership School clients sharing the impact of the school. I didn’t think you’d want a video of me singing.




Happy Clients

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    ‘I would say that anyone who goes on this course, looking back after the two days it takes, will be absolutely delighted and amazed at the difference it has made to them personally’.

    Alan Wilson


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    ‘Chantal has coached me on a variety of different situations at work over the last few years. She’s brilliant at challenging my thinking, and does so in a supportive and positive way.’  

    Publishing Director,

    Time Inc.

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    Chantal’s depth of experience, coupled with a warm empathy for her clients, makes her an extremely valued partner for anyone looking to excel in whatever world they are living in. Her understanding and application of many disciplines; from presentation to personal philosophy, ensures that whatever challenge you face, you are never left without a reassuring positive voice deep inside you saying “go for it…” If you want to find this voice, then you need Chantal in your life! 

    James Hart


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    “She not only knows her subject inside out, but she lives and breathes it too. The feedback I have had from the beneficiaries of work at ITV has been outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a consultant and coach.”

    Leadership Development Manager – ITV

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    ‘I was consistently impressed with Chantal’s approach and results. She was able to use a short amount of time to get to the heart of an issue and to help me consider ways to change my life’.

    Vicki Papworth,


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    ‘her immense expertise has helped me immeasurably in many ways….I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Chantal’

    Martin Wingfield

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    “My mind went from a crazy busy space to a much more open and calmer state – allowing time to properly focus on what is important to me both at work and home. I am genuinely pleased and thankful I was given the opportunity to work with Chantal and gain this level of understanding.”

    Damon Jevons,

    Initiative and Programme Manager- Aon PLC

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    ‘Thanks to the changes I experienced after working with Chantal, my work life has become much more enjoyable. I now feel that I am much better prepared to plan and lead, to think strategically and to deliver.’

    M Tarazona,

    phD – Behavioural Economist

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    “Chantal Burns is a wonderful executive coach and mentor. I have known Chantal for over 5 years, as a colleague and friend, and have always been impressed by the certainty and clarity she brings to her work. She shares such a warmth and humour that clients relax easily and feel deeply supported by her. Take any chance you get to work with this extraordinary coach and teacher.”

    Mark Howard,

    PhD, Psychologist

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