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Conscious Leadership School

The Conscious Leadership School offers a range of educational and leadership programmes that show organisations and their people how to generate healthy high performance  through an understanding of the core principles behind mental clarity.  We cover topics including leadership, culture and change to personal effectiveness, influence and relationships. Our understanding of our psychological functioning brings us the strongest and healthiest platform to work and live from. It brings mental clarity and perspective in moments when the mind most needs it. It connects people to their natural creativity and inspiration and removes the barrier that makes change difficult. Great relationships and dynamic and resilient teams and organisations are always a function of our individual attitude – which is shaped by an understanding of how thought works.

If you want to get news about our Conscious Leadership programmes, you can visit the site here, and sign up for news and updates on the right hand side of this page.If you want to discuss how Conscious Leadership can help you or your organisation, please email with subject headline ‘CONSCIOUS’ using the live email link in the footer below.  I’d love to hear from you.