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Personal Transformation Retreat

What would it be like if your mind was free and unburdened, regardless of the challenges or circumstances of your every day life?

Would you like to experience more joy, peace and playfulness in your life and less anxiety, overwhelm and worry?

My exclusive retreat is designed to give…

Practical insight and inspiration

If you want a simpler way to be at your best without having to do more or try harder, then my new book Instant Motivation may be what you’re looking for.

You won’t find  techniques or strategies in this book but you will discover the one thing that…

Conscious Leadership School

The Conscious Leadership School offers a range of educational and leadership programmes that show organisations and their people how to generate healthy high performance  through an understanding of the core principles behind mental clarity.  We cover topics including leadership, culture and change to personal effectiveness, influence and relationships. Our understanding…

The Missing KPI


As a leader, manager, coach or performance specialist The Missing KPI* is the missing piece of the performance puzzle. It accounts for and helps to resolve many of the recurring issues being faced at work. This includes improving relationships, increasing engagement, managing change more…

Say Goodbye to Stress with my bestselling online course
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