Authentic Leadership Online Summit Interview

In March 2017, I was interviewed by the lovely Judi Glover as part of an expert panel regarding Authentic Leadership.

We talked about some of the following;

  • What authentic leadership really means
  • The biggest misunderstanding in the personal development world
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FREE YOUR MIND #5 – The ultimate question and the ultimate barrier to success
We all tend to have something we want to change in our lives.
For some it’s re-connecting with passions and hobbies, For others it’s spending more quality time with those people we care about or accomplishing a long held ambition.
The great news is that there is only ONE true barrier to pursuing our dreams or making the changes we need to make.


FREE YOUR MIND #4 – Achievement isn’t what you think it is

Gratitude, compassion and clarity are not accomplishments. But you could easily think they are when you read books, blogs and articles or listen to podcasts.

For example, I often hear people say that compassion is a skill we have to learn and that gratitude is a feeling we have to practise and cultivate.
But the truth is that these…

Business Growth Summit talk by Chantal Burns

Towards the end of 2016,  I did a talk for 160 leaders for the Business Growth Summit conference. 

Here are some of things I reveal in this 45 minute talk below;

  • Some key findings from my groundbreaking ‘state of mind’ research
  • Why we are in the dark ages when it…